PFI Cayman Training Part 1

Line diving and scootering in Grand Cayman

May 5th, 2010, 5:27 am
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Arrived in Grand Cayman after several hours of flying and 4 flights, ugh. I stepped outside the airport into about 38 degrees Celsius, oof, warm! As I went to take this snapshot of two little lizards my camera lens promptly fogged up from the temperature change.

We have about 10 competitors, plus a handful of safety divers and judges who have arrived over the last few days. The gang is a great bunch of people and we have a lot of fun both in and out of the water.

Ben tries to remember the details of a card trick for Ashley.

Greg is keen to help everyone in the condo learn how to juggle; Rosibel gives it a try!

Ren and Garo chillin' in the condo.

We're lucky to have a couple of guitars and some great guitar players here to keep us entertained with live music.



Our boat is run by Duncan from Stingray Charters; it's a fantastic large boat where we can all relax before and after our dives.

Joe soaks up some rays by the gorgeous blue Cayman ocean.

Ashley takes a peek from the top deck.

On our day off, we had a chance to do some recreational freediving and get out on the scooters.

Garo descends to the tarpon cave.

Kirk gets a higher vantage point, perched atop the float.


Nearby is the roadside stop called 'Hell', which consists of a couple of tourist stands and a post office (so you can send mail from Hell!). Greg and I took a walk there to see the lava field, send some mail, and make friends with an iguana.



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