Hallowe'en 2009

November 2nd, 2009, 10:14 pm
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Derek and I headed out to Sin City at Celebrities this Hallowe'en. Derek was a warrior with an axe that he could spin and dance with, and I was Edward Scissorhands (a costume I've wanted to do for years!).

Becoming Edward

I spent a while watching the movie to try to find scenes where I could see Edward's outfit. My goal was to try to get the costume pretty close without going to crazy on the details since I'd be in a dark club where everyone is much more interested in how their OWN costumes look!

I already had a black vinyl jacket and a quick trip to Value Village found me the pants. I went to Dressew (twice!) for buckles and studs. Warning - do NOT go there near Hallowe'en unless you enjoy swarms of frantic crazy people. For the belt and the three straps around the chest I sewed some vinyl fabric in tubes then attached various different types of metal studs and larger buckles. In an effort to avoid sewing, the three leg straps are bicycle inner tubes with more studs/buckles, and the strap running over my right shoulder is another bike tube with some grommets (this tube I cut open to have it wide). I was also able to affix the chest straps to it so that they didn't fall down. The strap on the left shoulder was part of an old belt attached at the top of the shoulder with a wingnut. The overall effect was quite nice since everything was a bit mishmash, like in the film.

The hands themselves were relatively straightforward to make. I cut out foamcore pieces (8 in all) and used glue stick to attach tin foil, then used black electric tape for the ends/handles. Then I used a glue gun to attach the blades to a pair of 99-cent stretchy gloves, this worked out fine since the blades were really light. Some black wire completed the look with it running back to a strap on either arm. This also worked out well for when I needed to take the gloves off (bathroom!) since then I could just let them hang down and I didn't need to hold on to them.

For the face makeup I first applied a few coats of liquid latex in thin lines, trying to approximate Edward's scars. I used glue stick to smooth down my eyebrows, once the glue and latex was dry I applied a neutral concealer all over. I then patted on white makeup, followed by some black and brown makeup around the eyes and eyebrows, then finished off the look with some powder. The hair was easy - dye it, and throw in a bunch of gel!

Overall I think it all worked out quite well.

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