Garibaldi Lake Hike and Fireworks

A long and beautiful day

August 2nd, 2009, 2:41 pm
Tags: fireworks garibaldi lake hiking

Some friends and I took the day to hike the Garibaldi Lake Trail, an 18km round-trip trail which ascends almost a kilometre up to the glacier-fed Garibaldi Lake. The trail is long and a constant upwards grade on the outgoing journey, and there were quite a few bugs following up and trying to get a snack, but the view of the deliciously blue lakewater at the top was worth the trek.

A chipmunk at Barrier Lake

Laura grabs a shot of Barrier Lake

The trail approaching Garibaldi Lake

Glacier-fed turquoise water in Garibaldi Lake

The glacier

Henny puts his phone-camera to good use

Matt brandishes his anti-fly wand.

Enjoying the sunny lunch spot by the lake.

Heading back down the trail from the lake.

View of Black Tusk from the Taylor Meadows.

After a quick scoot around town to get everyone some clean clothes (and more pleasantly scented armpits) we grabbed some dinner and headed to the Burrard Bridge to catch the final night of the Celebration of Light fireworks, where China put on a great show.

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