Spring Fling WRC Day Three

Dynamic Apnea Without Fins

May 3rd, 2009, 10:35 pm
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The final day of the competition, and my favourite event, dynamic apnea without fins (swimming underwater as far as you can without fins on). This is just fun, something I used to do as a kid and now get to do competitively!

Today we are inside in the 25m pool. This is familiar territory, I won't have the depth problems from yesterday. I survey the pool, checking out the markers on the bottom that will give me an indication of how far I've travelled. "How many of those black marks are there, can you see?" I ask Greg, as I squint at the far end. "There's eight of them," he replies, "but they're mostly at that end". He points to the far end. "That's ok," I reply, "I won't be making it all the way back to this end anyhow". I have a plan. I'll use those marks as incentive, and see how many I can pass on the way back before surfacing. I've got it alllll figured out.

Again I'll be second to compete after Kevin, who has announced 1m (I've annouced 15m, as I really have no idea how far I'll go). My goal is to make the turn at 25m, at least. This time I'm better prepared. I have my suit on well ahead of time, and I block out the other competitors by closing my eyes, breathing, and listening to more Tangerine Dream.

Chilling out before the DNF event

I stretch, breath, and stretch some more. My back hurts - too much stretching or not enough? I don't know, and I try to put it out of my head. OK, stretch the toes, no toe cramps please.

I do a much better job of sticking to my warm up routine this time. I have time to do a few warm up holds, getting a couple of contractions happening, and slowing my heart rate down. I feel good. Happy, focused, relaxed.

Time glides by, it's almost my official top. I sidle up to my lane and drop my feet in. Nice and relaxed, think about your technique that you've been working on, ok, you're good to go. "30 seconds!" I slide into the pool. "10 seconds!" I'm ready. A few last purges, three packs, and off I go.

Things feel good. I try to relax between strokes, letting myself glide. Before I know it, I get to the wall at 25m and turn. It's another crappy turn, I don't push off very much, wasting the opportunity to get more distance.

I'm heading back, and feeling the burn. I realize that my "plan" is gone, I have no idea how many black marks I've passed. I'm tired, I want to come up. I tilt my head up to see where the board is so I can aim for it, and I see the wall ahead of me! I can make it - go go go. I get to the wall and almost surface, then at the last minute I remember to touch the wall first, then I surface, then grab the wall. A few moments pass - white card, 50m!

I'm ecstatic, this is much farther than I'd hoped for. I'm very pleased with how this final day went, now it's over and I can watch the other performances. Tyler does an amazing 43m metres with NO WEIGHTS, must have been tough. Eugene is going, going, going, he makes the second turn and he's rocketing along at a crazy pace. He does what must be the fastest 57m in DNF history - and it's clean.

Andrew comes up just shy of the wall but has a clean 74m. Greg, thinking that Andrew did 75m decides to make the turn, comes up at 86m which would have been a PB, but has to be helped as he's on the brink of another blackout. Wes tries out his technique again today but it's just not happening this time - maybe the next competition.

All in all it's a great competition with few dq's and lots of great performances by the newbies. I come in 4th overall, 3rd out of the first time competitors. I'm ready for more!

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