Spring Fling WRC Day Two

Dynamic Apnea With Fins

May 2nd, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Day two of the competition, which means dynamic apnea with fins in the outdoor pool. I like dynamic apnea a lot (usually I hate static but yesterday was fun!) so I'm hoping that today will go better.

Tyler and I hang out in the briefing area for a while, only to find that today's briefing is outside. I end up a bit rushed for time because I still need to get into my suit. I've announced 25m, knowing I should be able to do 50m. I'll be the second competitor.

I get a bit lax after yesterday and I don't use my warm-up time to wisely. I get distracted, chatting and mucking about with neck weights. I need to focus but I don't feel as calm as yesterday. I do some warm up holds and listed to Tangerine Dream for a while.

Pretty soon it's time to get to the pool edge. Kevin Busscher has announced 1.0m but we know he's going to go far. He does 100m, without fins. Amazing! It will still count as a DYN (with fins) but it's a practice run for his performance in tomorrow's event.

I'm sitting by the pool edge, towel around me. "2 minutes!" I hear. OK, calm breathing. At 30 seconds I slip into the water. I've been warned about the outside pool - that it gets quite deep at the end, and not to follow the bottom. What I didn't realize is how shallow the starting end is. It's 10 seconds to my official top and I'm struggling to get my feet the right way around - it's so shallow that my fin is tucked the wrong way under me. I get it sorted in time. Official top!

Big breath and off I go. Right from the start it's a bad dive. I'm paranoid about breaking the surface and losing points, but I'm right off the bottom so I can't kick properly, my knees are hitting the tiles. A few metres in and I've hit my stride, but I've wasted time and energy getting going.

I see the bottom starting to slope down and away and I will myself not to follow it. I feel pressure in my ears, I must be descending. I try to swim up...then there's the wall. A messy turn - something I really need to practice, and I'm on my way back up. Ugh, tired, I think I'm done. I go to surface and look up, I must be at least 2 metres deep! Struggle to the surface and grab the floatboard, surface protocol is ok, and I get my white card at 59m.

I'm glad that I'm clean and I did an ok distance, but disappointed that my performance was such a mess. I definitely lost my focus both before and during the event. That's ok though, gives me something to work on for tomorrow.

I sit back and watch the other performances. Eugene had announced an ambitious 65m, and unfortunately comes up short at 58m, but it's clean so he gets points. Tyler does 67m - a great job! Charles is a bit disappointed with his 68m, I think, he had announced 75m.

The excitement for the day is Greg's performance. He does an amazing 90m but then has a spectacular blackout at the surface. A disappointment but a good thing for the newbies to witness. This is why we have safeties!

Wes Lapp spends time getting ready for his unique performance in his one-legged merman suit. He's got this down to an art - I notice him gluing his fingers together. Unfortunately on his turn he inhales some water and has to surface short of his announced performance, but it's cool to watch his arms-only technique.

I try to put my disappointment out of my head and focus on tomorrow. I'm happy that I've had clean performances so far - this was my main goal. Time to rest of for the final day.

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