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April 9th, 2009, 4:04 pm
Tags: javascript scriptaculous

I've just completed coding up version 1 of my HTML palette tool, a colour-generating javascript application which allows you to create three palettes of colours from a user-selected colour.

This tool uses the JavaScript Scriptaculous library for the red/green/blue sliders, and the Prototype library for changing the colours of the website on-the-fly.

So far the tool makes three palettes:

Base Colour Palette: lighter and darker versions of the user-selected colour.

Similar Colour Palette: User-selected colour modified by increasing red and decreasing blue/green, and vice-versa.

Complementary Colour Palette: lighter and darker versions of the complement of the user-selected colour (complement is created by subtracting the user-selected r/g/b values from 255).255

The exact formulae for generating the HTML colours (each defined by a trio of values for red, green, blue between 0 and 255 - then converted to the six-digit HTML hex value) are explained on the site.

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