Schizophrenic west coast weather

Spring + Snow = Confusion

March 9th, 2009, 2:04 pm
Tags: knitting photography snow sun vancouver fog Victoria

I spent the weekend visiting with friends and family in Victoria and was treated with a strange mix of warm sun and random blizzards. Luckily the sunnier periods and the emergence of some early flowers gave me a chance to try out my new macro lens.

My mum and I took a walk around the gardens at Government House (she volunteers as a gardener in the Woodlands Garden) and we found some Easter Lilies just coming up out of the dead leaf litter.

Another highlight of my trip was seeing my friend Barbara, and gifting her with a pair of my Vancouver Fog fingerless gloves and a matching hat. She likes them a lot, and with the weird weather they'll get a bit more wear before being put away until next winter!

I came back home yesterday to warm sunny skies, and rode my bicycle down to a concert, only to find that my ride home two hours later would be through snow!

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