PFI Cayman Training Part 2

Line diving in Grand Cayman

May 6th, 2010, 9:31 pm
Tags: freediving grand cayman PFI

Kirk took my camera out on one of our training days and got some nice shots of our training dives.

Ashley Futral is training in all the disciplines and reaching some serious depths in all of them. She has a great spirit and always has a smile for us.

Ashley descending on a Constant Weight dive.

Ashley takes a hit off some O2 while recovering from a deep dive.

Ben Weiss is also training in all the disciplines. He's been making impressive depths with style!

Ben ascending from a Free Immersion dive.

Performance Freediving employee Erin Magee is training to beat the national record in Constant Weight with Fins.

Erin's CWT technique is amazing! She makes it look easy, and graceful.

A clean dive with some big recovery breaths at the surface.

Erin's boyfriend and fellow PFI employee Ted Harty is working on improving his depths in all three disciplines and making some very impressive progress. He and Erin are quite the team!

Ted descends on a Free Immersion dive while the safety divers look on.

I'm also working on all the disciplines, making progress in my Constant Weight depths while also enjoying the opportunity to rack up some points in No Fins and Free Immersion.

In the sink phase of a Constant Weight dive. This part is nice, you can just drift down the line!

At the surface with my tag - a successful dive.

Joe Sheridan is a super nice and friendly guy who's here to have a good time and experience his first competition. He's working on all the disciplines.

Joe descending into the blue with his bifins.

My roommate Junko Kitahama is from Japan, she's working on beating not only the women's, but also the men's record in Constant No Fins! This girl has some serious talent.

Junko calmly breaths up on the surface.

Junko descending on a Constant Weight No Fins dive.

My friend Greg Fee from Vancouver is here to improve his depth and pool skills, and to teach the rest of us how to juggle!

Greg makes some martial arts moves on ascent of a Constant Weight No Fins dive.

A relative newcomer to freediving, Rosibel Molina is blowing everyone away with her amazing progress, hitting some serious depths and showing us how it's done in the pool.

Rosibel heading down the line on a Constant Weight dive.

I first met Hawkeye Parker while freediving with dolphins near Kona, Hawai'i last winter. His positive attitude helps all of us have great dives.

Hawkeye on the way down during a Constant Weight dive.

Hawkeye sporting his Big Blue-esque mask.

Of course we couldn't do any of this without our fantastic support team of safety divers!

Ren Chapman catches a lift to the surface on a scooter.

Garo Hachigian gives a big smile at the surface.

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